Dr. Androff is not a provider with any insurance plan through her private practice.  She does not bill insurance or participate in Medicare.  You may submit receipts for services to your insurance plan for possible reimbursement (which will depend on your particular plan’s coverage for out-of-network providers).

Before scheduling an appointment, Dr. Androff  will speak with you to insure that the treatment she provides is likely to be the proper fit for your clinical needs and circumstances.  For individuals needing more intensive treatment, urgent availability or more significant clinical support she will offer referral information.

To contact Dr. Androff, please call 651-917-9395 

Additional Resources

American Psychiatric Association:  www.healthyminds.org

National Institute of Mental Health:  www.nimh.nih.gov

National Institute on Drug Abuse:  www.drugabuse.gov

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance:  www.dbsalliance.org

National Alliance on Mental Illness:  www.namihelps.org