Knowing that healing starts with the courage and wisdom of each patient, Dr. Androff integrates evidence-based psychiatric practices, attention to mind/body influences and a holistic approach to well-being. If psychotropic medications are prescribed, she monitors treatment closely in order to insure optimal benefit with minimal side effects. Dr. Androff also supports lifestyle choices like exercise, nutrition, sleep, limited use of nutritional supplements, yoga and other mindfulness practices.


Dr. Androff believes deeply in the power of relationships to heal.  Working together, this leads to integration on many levels:

  • strengthening emotional awareness as an embodied and deeply felt experience
  • increasing access to the power of your emotions
  • exploring patterns of relating to yourself and others
  • clarifying intentions and working to manifest these in your life

Psychotherapy approaches are developed collaboratively with each patient, and Dr. Androff has experience in a wide range of therapy models.  She is also a certified AEDP therapist (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and AEDP supervisor in training:  more information at